SEXN Whitepaper
Super Mode
With the super mode, users can purchase the honeymoon ticket to earn tokens while having fun that lasts a few days.
Users who buy the honeymoon tickets will be given the more times of sex-to-earn within a certain period of time.
You should purchase a sufficient number of the Condom NFTs in the SEXN marketplace with detailed descriptions of their usages and functions. You can connect your BSC wallet to purchase it with BNB.
Users do not need special equipment. You just wear a normal wearable bracelet or watch, and combine with the mobile APP to start.
Compared with the coitus mode, the super mode can increase the number of sex, and perform multiple sex in consecutive days, just like a honeymoon.
Users select the super mode in the app and click the "START" button. Then the app will determine whether you are having sex based on the biometric information from the sensors. After the happiness, you should click the "FINISHED" button to stop the process.
The ticket can be used to increase times for any other mode. The $SST cost and reward depend on the chosen mode.
Earn moment is calculated according to once sex, regardless of time. No need for any pressure.
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