SEXN Whitepaper

Q1. What is SST?

A: $SST is the Governance Token of SEXN. This token can be bought and sold independently, independent of Application Token $SOT.

Q2. What is SOT?

A: $SOT is the Application Token of SEXN. $SOT has a limited supply and will be earned by users.

Q3. How can SEXN judge if sex is going on?

A: SEXN app will determine whether you are having sex based on the biometric information from the sensors, such as wearable bracelet, watch or mobile phone. More information can go through a whitepaper.

Q4. How can I start once SEX2EARN in APP?

A: You can select one mode in the app and click the "START" button. After the happiness, you should click the "FINISHED" button to stop the process or wait for it to close automatically.

Q5. What I need to join SEXN?

A: You should buy the NFT to join the corresponding mode. What’s more you need small amount of $SST as energy for sex2earn.

Q6. What is the development plan of the APP?

A: Within one month after the presale, we will launch a closed private Ξ±-Beta version. Invitations for the closed private Beta version will be sent to all members who joined the SST presale.
The Ξ²-Beta version will be released two weeks after that. We will send out 500 activation codes to the top 500 holders of the SST token.
The public beta version will be released four weeks after that. All users can join it.

Q7. Can I use SEXN APP and sex2earn if I don’t have a sex partner?

A: Yes! SEXN has Masturbation Mode. This is the mode you can directly start by yourself exactly as you want. We try our best to consider the various needs of different users: SEXN APP has four modes. More information can go through a whitepaper.

Q8.What are key factors to earn?

A: The earn mechanism of SEXN is very simple. There is no standard and complicated formula.
No matter the length of sex time! No matter orgasm or not!
As long as you click β€œstart” button and are judged to be having sex by APP, you have completed once sex2earn.
The number of times of sex is key factor! More information can go through a whitepaper.
Every sex is treated equally!
What’s more, different NFT has different income and high level NFT has high income.
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